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Religious Syncretism
A Postle of Peace
Nandrishi or Sheikh Nurooddin, considered to be the patron saint of Kashmir Valley is revered by Hindus as Nand Rishi and by Muslims as Sheikh Nurooddin - a Sufi saint.
A symbol of the living spirit of Kashmiriyat where religion historically has never been a dividing force this film profiles his life and teachings
English 5 minutes
Guru Lama
Guru Nanak Dev, founder of Sikh religion, during his Himalayan sojourn travelled and meditated extensively in Ladakh. This Gurudwara contains an imprint of his body in a rock. The locals have a legend centered around it and revere him as a Buddhist saint while others come from far and wide to pray at this holy shrine.
English: 6 minutes
Twin Villages
This interesting and unusual example of cultural integration lies on the Indo Pak border. It's a shrine of a Hindu saint Baba Dilip Singh revered both as a saint and a Peer, equally by Hindus and Muslims till today. Infact on the third Thursday of June, the day of his annual mela Chambliyal witnesses people form across the border outnumbering people from the Indian side for parshad which is in the form of “Shakar and Sherbet the soil and water from this shrine
English 5 minutes
Divine Music
Sealed inside the Khanequa in the old part of Srinagar locked in a vault lies a contract which allows the practice of Durood .Just after namaz has been offered in the mosques, the whole congregation begins reciting verses from the Holy Quran in unison, aloud. Very much in the Indian tradition of “Sankirtan” or “group chanting” of the Holy name this film profiles this fast disappearing practice
English 6 minutes
A Perfect Harmony
Dotting the skyline of Jammu are the shikhars of its temples but nestled are also the Ziratgahs each one dedicated to a Sufi saint. Each one has a unique story and are an example of the secular fabric of our country where Lingams and Mazaars of the peers are worshipped at the same place by the same people with the same faith.
English 6 minutes