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Kirtaniye The Invisible Divine


Kirtanye.... The Invisible Divine

A festival of Women’s Voices in Gurbani Sangeet @ IIC, New Delhi 17. 1. 20

To celebrate Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji ‘s message of ‘ik onkar’ there is but one god, his five hundred and 550th anniversary and the intangible secular spirit of our national identity, eminent women vocalists from different regions of India, representing different faiths, languages and cultures sang verses written by Bhakti and Sufi saints Kabir, Farid and Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji himself, in Pushto,Braj bhasha, Hindi and Punjabi.

Why women singers? Essentially because Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji was unequivocal in his support for gender equality, “without women there would be no one at all”, “why call her bad from whom the great are born” he wrote and sang, so what better way there could be of celebrating his legacy!

It is our humble endeavour to share this ‘amrit’ with the wider sangat with Kirtaniye...The Invisible Divine" now on a dedicated YouTube channel!

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