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Art & Culture
The Legent of Sohni Mahiwal
Everybody loves a tragic love story and perhaps this is one of India’s most favourite. Part of our collective psyche especially in north India and also the topic for many a Hindi film this is a legend born in a tiny town Akhnoor near Jammu.this film goes to the area and finds it as alive today as it was then
English: 4 minutes
Prayers in Stone
The murals, which adorn the walls of Alchi monastery in Ladhak, bare a striking resemblance to the paintings found in Ajanta and Elora. In fact there is documentary proof that ten centuries ago when these paintings were made artistes from other parts of India had come to execute the project bringing with them the various styles prevalent at that time from their regions.
English 5 minutes
Sublime Art
These miniature paintings are unique in form and style. Even though this style of miniature painting is prevalent across other Himalayan kingdoms what sets these paintings of Basohli apart are their vibrant colours which are not to be found elsewhere. Famous all over the world, it is nearly an extinct art form and this film travels to Basholi to document the origins
English 5 minutes
A Lost Harmony
“I hold a block of wood in my hand put it my ear and listen and know if it will turn into an instrument or not” this film takes you into the bylanes of Srinagar to Rehman Ju’s house and workshop perhaps the last remaining artisan who can make santoors
English 5 minutes